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Phone(805) 306-4500

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Derrick Hoffman
Director, Ext. 4601

Rosemary King-Pate
Secretary, Ext. 4602

Carol Harris
Buyer, Ext. 4604

Carla Lowe
Purchasing Tech., Ext. 4603

Tanya Melling
Purchasing Asst., Ext. 4605


Mervyn Gale
Supervisor, Ext 4621

Receiving Desk, Ext. 4622

Daryl Pickett
Whse & Dist Specialist II
Ext. 4623

Greg Flavin
Whse & Dist Specialist I

Mail Services:

Gary Little
Whse & Dist Specialist I
Ext. 4625


Todd Stevenson
Reprographics Tech II
Ext. 4642


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CUPCCAA Informal Bidding Prequalification Application:

Informal Bidding Prequalification Application SVUSD 2018

Notice to Contractors Prequalification Application UPCCAA

Other Prequalification Applications:

Projects over $175,000 and less than $1,000,000 

Projects over $1,000,000

Prequalified vendor lists are available. Click HERE

Department of Industrial Relations: DIR Prevailing Wage


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Tanya  ext. 4605
Carol  ext. 4604
Derrick  ext. 4601
Rosemary  ext. 4602
Derrick  ext. 4601
Carla  ext. 4603

Carla  ext. 4603
Carla  ext. 4603
Rosemary  ext. 4602
Carla  ext. 4603
Carla  ext. 4603
Rosemary  ext. 4602
Derrick  ext. 4601


Scroll Down for information about...

Travel Purchasing Presentation 9/15/16

Care of your Ricoh Copier

Recycling empty toner cartridges & bottles

New District Credit Card for Travel...

use vendor #031512

For Car Rental...use vendor #003432

See "Travel & Conference Requisitions"

 (above) under Helpful Links



As a reminder, labels are to be run from the BYPASS FEEDER ONLY, and they MUST be for copiers only. NO INK JET LABELS! They cannot go through the fuser and will melt.


Occasionally it may be necessary to move your Ricoh copier a short distance to allow for something like cleaning under the machine. The video below explains how to connect your machine. To disconnect, simply do the reverse of what is shown. Always make sure that the POWER switch is OFF.

Connecting your Ricoh Copier

This text will be replaced

Send your empty toner cartridges and bottles to Purchasing

to be recycled.

Empty Cartridge.jpg