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Contact your school site principal or case manager to inquire about these services. If your child is of pre-school age, contact Debbie Ballinger to discuss assessment for Special Education Services.


Debbie Ballinger

Administrative Assistant

(805) 306-4500 x4313

Speech and Language Services


The Simi Valley Unified School District provides speech and language services for school age (3-21 yrs) children with communication disorders that adversely affect the child’s educational performance.  Speech and Language Pathologists (SLPs) in SVUSD conduct assessments and provide therapy for children who have a variety of disabilities in the areas of  language,articulation, voice, fluency or stuttering.

SLPs have many roles in the school setting.  They offer services in the following areas:

  1. Prevention of communication disorders
  2. Identification of students at risk for later problems
  3. Assessment of student’s communication skills
  4. Evaluation of the results of comprehensive assessments
  5. Development and implementation of IEPs
  6. Documentation of outcomes
  7. Collaboration with teachers and other professionals
  8. Supervision of SLPAs, graduate students and clinical fellows
  9. Participation in school wide curriculum and literacy teams

Speech and Language services are available at all schools including preschools and Kindergarten through 12th grade in the Simi Valley Unified School District.  For more information, contact your local school.

Speech and Language Specialists and Assistants




Mark Davis


Kristie Rounke


Myriam Kucera

Raquel Hishmeh

Big Springs

Kelly Brown


Mark Davis

Garden Grove

Albert Litvin 

Kelly Brown

Hollow Hills

Janine Dion





Justin Early Learners Academy

Assessment Team


Kids Talk





Alida Seachrist

Connie Cook

Pam Sibeck

Leslie Mulvehill

Sheila Moskowitz

Samira Khiantani

Sue Kriloff

Kara Piastrelli

Ingrid Birmingham

Eli Maciel-Arreola

Rebecca Fecht


Samira Khiatani


Lorena Garcia


Kristie Rounke

Mountain View

Nancy Cummins 

Shari Palermo

Park View

Raquel Hishmeh

Santa Susana Elementary

Paige Standen


Barbara Chesney


Kim Johnson


Eli Maciel-Arreola

White Oak

Alisa Kalberg

Wood Ranch

Shari Palermo

Alisa Kalberg


Cara Galper


Lorena Garcia

Valley View

Cara Galper

Ann Givin

Royal High School

Ann Givin

Santa Susana High School

Alisa Kalberg

Simi Valley High School

Tiffany Ruiz

Private School/NPS

Rebecca Fecht

Simi Institute of Careers & Education/Apollo

Janine Dion

Monte Vista Tiffany Ruiz


Speech Therapy