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Classification Study-2017

Classification Study


We are engaging in a classification study to ensure we have accurate, up-to-date job descriptions. We have contracted with Educational Management Solutions (EMS), a company experienced in the development and use of job information for educational systems, to conduct the review. The study is projected to take place over the course of the 2017-2018 school year. Below is a summary of events:

Initial data will be collected through focus group discussions, led by EMS analysts, with employees representing specific job classifications. Following the focus groups, EMS will compile the information they collected and review with supervisors. EMS will then draft job descriptions based upon employee (via focus groups) and supervisor input. Each classified employee will be sent a draft job description for the opportunity to review and provide input. After the development and review process is completed, the revised job descriptions will go to the Personnel Commission for approval. 

Stakeholder Committee

A stakeholder committee has been formed to answer questions from employees regarding the study and to provide guidance and feedback to EMS regarding the process. Stakeholder committee members:

  • Dan Houghton
  • Dean May
  • Erin Taggart
  • Glen Newell
  • Jim Jarrard
  • Karen Burnside
  • Karen Hewitt
  • Kim Richins
  • Kristen Colbert
  • Michael Hall
  • Ron Todo
  • Sean Goldman
  • Teri Hypes


  • EMS conducted information sessions on September 22 and September 25 for employees to learn more about the study. The PowerPoint can be viewed HERE.
  • The Stakeholder Committee had its first meeting on September 25. EMS met with the committee to review the overall scope of the project and role of the committee.
  • The focus groups took place at the District Office during the week of September 26.
  • The Stakeholder Committee will have its second meeting on November 29.
  • The supervisor validation meetings will take place on November 29 and 30 during which time representative supervisors will review the first drafts of the job descriptions.